Canada Immigration – Things Were Great But Not Any More

The lure of earning in dollars has forced many people to leave their home country, family and friends. Many have made fortunes and have been highly successful. But overseas water has not been favorable to everyone. When Frank Dias migrated to Canada in 1991 from his home town Dubai, he was without job for first couple of months. Eventually, he found work at one of the top five banks. After that, the life of this Mississauga resident has been as smooth as it can be. He is living with his family and his wife works as a NGO.

He gladly says getting a Canada PR is the best thing that happened to him. He recently came up with a new novel which was published by a small publishing house. His son is doing genetic engineering from the University of Toronto. His daughter is a jazz singer and learning French language.

Over the past two decades many people who got immigration to Canada had a harmonious experience. But as the number of Canada immigration is growing everyday many people are devoid of such wonderful experience. High education does not guarantee that you will get a white collar job here. Many have to work in low level jobs with low pay, which only adds to their frustration.

The situation of bulging undocumented class is more pathetic. These people are forced to make their hands dirty in precarious jobs as they don’t have legal status. Everything may seem calm and smooth on the-surface. Fortunately, there have been no noticeable race riots as has happened in France, no anti- immigration parties has been formed as in Netherlands and Britain.

But some experts express their concern as increasing underclass immigration to Canada may ultimately lead to trouble. For decades this country is known for its hospitality and smooth acceptance of multi-cultural people from around the world. Fearing the worst, the authorities may resort to Canada visa refusal to prevent things getting out of hands.

A recent move by Royal bank of Canada to replace local workers with foreign workers was met with forceful backlash. A townhouse development in Brampton ended up in a battle over cultural lines with shady Indian politics accused for eruption. Moreover, the Conservative party’s recent crack down on program for temporary foreign workers did not please the critics.

Contract, temporary or on-call jobs are mostly occupied by racialized immigrants who face two to three times more unemployment than any other section. The irony is that this class is highly educated with the majority having post-secondary education, but it is this class has two to four time higher probabilities to remain underemployed.

Expert’s advice, putting a halt on immigration to Canada can bring the situation under control. Granting Canada PR should be dealt with much harsh rules than the ones currently in motion. Experts reason the profile for which immigration is granted is vacated after some time as the immigrant find better jobs. It may lead to Canada visa rejection.


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