A Little Bit About Canada PR and Canada Visa Rejection


Immigration is a process which involves movement of people from one country to another in order to settle down. Immigration can include following factors:

• Economic factors

• Political reasons

• Family re-unification

• Natural disasters etc..


Immigration to Canada is driven by the factors such as family re-unification and economic policy. According to a survey conducted, the Immigration to Canada is aiming for between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2012. In 2001, 250,640 people immigrated to Canada. India was the third – largest country for Immigration to Canada in the year 2012 by immigrating 28,889 people.





A permanent resident is a person who has the permission to reside permanently by Immigration to Canada, but is not yet a citizen of the same. A person with Canada PR has the privileges of Canada even though they remain the citizens of their home country.


A person who is staying in Canada temporarily as a student does not own a Canada PR.


A person who is a Canada PR has the following authorities:

• To receive social benefits such a s health coverage

• To live, work, study anywhere in Canada

• To apply for citizenship


A person who has moved to Canada through Canada Immigration doesn’t hold the following rights:

• He/she cannot vote

• Cannot remain in the country if convicted on criminal bases.

• Cannot hold jobs that have high security clearance requirement. A person who has switched to Canada by Immigration to Canada and holds a Canada PR can live in Canada but up to a certain period of time. To keep your status as a person holding a Canada PR you have to stay in the country for at least 4-5 years.


• You do not meet your residential obligations.

• Convicted of a serious crime, a permanent resident may be deported from Canada.

VISA REJECTION: People Immigrating to Canada face a very common problem that is Visa Rejection. A Canada Visa Rejection may take place due to the following reasons:

• If all your forms and documents are not updated and up to the mark, you may face Canada Visa Refusal.

• NOC ( No Objection Certificate) should match your work permit, otherwise, they’ll return your application.

• Insufficient IELT’s score.

• Not meeting experience requirements.


Canada immigration services

Canada, a rustic ruled as a democracy, the Canadian Government has tried to enhance the immigration programs and laws to form immigration method terribly simple. Earlier it won’t to take five to six years to induce immigration to Canada, Canada immigration service is provided by several lawyers who solve the problems that each immigration individual faces. Very first thing that an individual has to do whereas applying for Canada immigration underneath federal proficient program is to create an acceptable CV with their age, work expertise and education qualifications enclosed in it. If an individual is married then same details of the relation are needed. Canada freshly distinctive sure planned laws to avoid wasting the rights of live-in-caregivers and formulate the procedure of immigration easier for them. Canada PR is one in every of the predominant required countries to intensity in keeping with neoteric surveys. By Heaps of task occasions on its prescript. Now the fundamental footstep in changing into a Canadian national is to get a permanent resident standing. The main motive in Canada, Failing to satisfy the necessities of being a permanent resident in Canada can end in the cancellation of your PR standing.

Likewise if you’re condemned of a heavy crime you’ll lose your permanent residence standing and can be forthwith deported back to your country of substantive. The only distinction between somebody United Nations agency is below a PR standing and a Canadian subject is that you simply cannot vote and don’t seem to be allowed to assume job positions that need high security clearance from the Canadian government.

There is no want for participating any professional person or authority to immigrate to Canada country or the other country. If you’ve got the correct credentials in accordance with the immigration policies of the country you wish to immigrate too, Canada immigration is the spectacular route for us.  It is not complicated and sophisticated. And USA Immigration law is very stunning and the us of America is one amongst the countries having strict rules with respect to immigration law and also the Immigration and rationalization Act (INA) is that the basic body of immigration law. As a result of USA is that the leading country of selection among people craving for greener pastures, so that they had created the method timely, tedious and dear associate deg-reed it’s simply ideal to rent an immigration professional.Nowadays, several immigration law companies have emerged owing to the growing variety of people needing their services.

Canadian Immigration Law Firms Are Licensed And Insured Firms

Canadian immigration law firms are licensed and insured firms, committed to conferring inland and overseas Canadian immigration legal services to their clients. Most of these firms boast a team of well-drilled and experienced professionals and specialist lawyers with in depth knowledge of Canada immigration issues. They deliver innovative concepts and recommendations relating to all of your immigration wants and facilitate to receive Canadian visas quickly. Immigration to Canada is one of the most desired county to live in according to recent surveys. With thousands of job opportunities on its way, thriving cities and a multi-cultural society makes it very interesting place to live in.

The main distinctions in law are between criminal and civil law and between public and personal law. Legal code is employed for maintaining order and also the protection of society. Criminal cases are delivered to penalize those that have broken laws and have discontinuous order. This can be what initial involves mind once many folks think about ‘the law’. Civil law, on the opposite hand, is employed to settle disputes and issues between people or corporations. Constitutional law bargains with the link between the rule and also the individualistic. It makes sure that the government or the state follows rules in the way it operates. Canada PR is the optimum handling. Being a permanent resident in North American nation permits you to possess sure advantages, which has having the proper to social advantages (for you and your dependents as well). You furthermore might have the proper to measure, work or study anyplace in Canada, apply for citizenship eventually and be protected by Canada’s laws.

Canada immigration could be a complicated and intriguing issue for anyone considering creating the move. Once selecting to depart the country you have got perpetually thought-about your own so as to migrate to North American country, you need to take the time to understand what’s actually necessary to you before you create the choice. It’s undoubtedly not a choice to be taken gently, however could be a call which will modification your life. Any individual selecting to immigrate to North American country ought to do their analysis before creating any permanent choices. There are an excellent several belongings you ought to understand before creating a move of this magnitude.

The priority occupation list for the Canadian worker visa class consists of occupations like architects, specialist physicians, restaurants and food service managers, dentists, pharmacists, social staff, cooks, contractors and supervisors, electricians, plumber, welders, crane operators and lots of additional. To grasp intimately regarding the assorted classes’ one will consult the immigration department.

The Steps To Apply For Immigration To Canada

Canada has one of the highest rates of immigration in the world as it welcomes about 250,000 permanent residents every year. The number of people refused visas is much higher than this. Even though Canada allows such a huge number of families to get immigration to Canada, yet some will always wait for this dream to come true.

India being an overpopulated country, makes you compete in every single field, so how can you get an easy Canada PR. And why wouldn’t it be for Canada has everything to give u that you ever asked for. It’s a dream come true.

The facilities provided by Canada are endless and if u compared them to India u could end up feeling little upset. Be it medical facilities or non-medical they are equally supported by Canada. They have special services for all different kind of people. For women, children, handicapped and so on.

The first step to apply for immigration to Canada is to check for your eligibility. You must find out under which program are you eligible to apply for immigration and especially what make you inadmissible to Canada. If you are eligible u must select a program. Once you have selected the program under which you will apply you need to check out the requirements and steps in that category. Some of the categories are:

Ø    Federal skilled workers:
For people who want to settle and work in Canada.
Ø    Skilled trades:
For people who want to immigrate based on being qualified in a skilled trade.
Ø    Quebec-selected skilled workers:
For people selected by the Quebec government to settle and work in Quebec.
Ø    Canadian Experience Class:
For people who have recent Canadian work experience or have graduated and recently worked in Canada.
Ø    Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people:
For people who want to start a business in Canada.
Ø    Provincial nominees:
One of Canada’s provinces or territories can nominate you to settle and work there.
Ø    Sponsoring your family:
How to sponsor a family member to join you here if you are a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.
Ø    Live-in caregivers:
For individuals who are qualified to provide care for children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision.
Ø    Refugees:
For people in or outside Canada who fear returning to their home country.

Once you have decided to come to Canada you must learn a few things about the country to help you move around once you reach here. You must speak good English otherwise you will not be able to converse with the people there and might feel left out. Now u must legally apply for Canada PR through Immigration consultants, lawyers, and other representatives give immigration advice as well as help to visa applicants, usually for a fee. All the forms and information that you need to apply for a visa are available for free. Another thing to be worried about while applying for Canada immigration is to keep an eye for someone who might be a fraud and they take money from you and disappear. A piece of advice is to go to recognized consultants or lawyers only.

Immigration To Canada Is A Trend OR Something Else??..

Immigration to Canada is a trend that will never fall off the cliff. Some say it’s Christmas that intrigues them same say it’s the snow. It’s a never ending love for Canada. There is no doubt in the astound future that one imagines in Canada with its aspiring, cultured and very generous people. In older times it was only a few of them who wanted Canada PR but now its millions of them due to which you could have to wait for up to three years to get immigration to Canada.

We make the first step of your dream come true as we file all type of immigration to Canada with our experienced associates in India and Canada. We transfer your visa to Canadian immigration visa office and help you prepare for the interview.

We are followed by tons of legal immigrants who obey all laws, respect our country’s sovereignty and do everything our country has asked of them to do to have Canada PR, and every one of them stands in a line patiently waiting for their turn to earn Canada immigration. We specialize in immigration to Canada and put our best effort to make our clients dreams come true using our expertise to prepare a very strong case to beat those million people waiting in line ahead of you. Immigration to Canada can be applied by family members, skilled workers, business class or refugee class. Family members include spouse, siblings, parents, grandparents and relatives. Skilled workers include federal skilled workers, Canadian experience class, provisional nominee class etc. Business class includes investor class, entrepreneur class, provisional nominee class. Refugees that flee their country due to fear of prosecution for reason of rave religion or gender can also apply.

Visa rejection

Visa’s in Canada is rejected due to various reasons, such lack of credibility, financial stability and English proficiency of an applicant. If we take these problems and remove them or tackle them in such a way that they are not a major issue anymore that we can avoid visa rejection.

During an personal interview with the officer, he might not find you reasonable hence your credibility lies endangered or if he sees that you have financial issues then u might not return back to your country after the visa expires. During the personal interview it is very easy for the officer to judge that your command over English is poor which would cause problem for you while communicating in their country, so chances of Canada visa rejection increase.

Visa refusal

When your visa is refused you would end up feeling like the sky has fallen down on you, but do not be disheartened as there is a appeal remedy for visa refusal. A citizen has to file the appeal for visa refusal in the tribunal and the non citizen file appeal in the federal court of Canada.

Canada PR become tough to get “day by day”

Communal fights in ayodhya over Ram Janam Bhoomi, politically sponsored riots against the Sikhs in 1984, Christian missionaries attacked and killed, demolition of the Babri Masjid on dec6,1996. 

Isn’t this a resounding blow on India’s secularism? Is this the secular country our freedom fighters dreamed of? Is this the nation founded on the principles of justice , liberty , equality an­­d fraternity? Is this the nation that makes tall claims “ All religions are equal. No one will be persecuted in the name of religion. We will provide the youth with ample opportunities. ” Have we in the real sense of the word considered ourselves as Indians? No, we proudly call ourselves Hindu , Muslims, Sikhs and Christians but never Indians. Today the secular fabric resembles more a rag with gaping holes in it than an independent flag proudly fluttering in the pleasant liberal and liberating breeze. Then why do we take pride in calling ourselves Indians?


The time has come for some introspection, to delve in past and find out the hurdle , the obstacles and challenge that threaten India.

The first and the foremost reason that comes to my mind is communalism which like a conflagration has engulfed Indians. Each community is governed by its own backward irrational, personal law. Besides this poverty and illiteracy among the masses has led to economic disparity. Further the failure in the implementation of land reforms, social reforms has led to the fragmentation of society on the basis of caste creed and religion. Also the influence of westernization and the growing craze amongst youngsters of settling abroad is another reason. Indians are finding immigration to Canada or US, UK , Australia.  The Indian government as well as the government of foreign nations, to keep a check on UK, Australia and Canada immigration  must make the PR difficult to get. We have also seen lately that Canada PR is no more as simple as it was.

As responsible citizens we cannot allow such a situation to continue . We have to forgive and forget and repair the damage done to our secular super structure to regenerate mutual love, respect and trust. The need of the hour is to change our outlook towards religion because the real threat to India is from within.

We have to eradicate, poverty, illiteracy and feudal values. Parliamentary  forces , law enforcing agencies will have to be reoriented. We have to awake, arise and stop not till we succeed in making the people understand the real meaning of prosperous living , religion, culture and secularism. Only then our country will progress by leaps and bounds. Lets strive and pledge to make India the strongest nation to live in .

Immigration to Canada Guidelines

Canada for some time has seen a significant increase in the number of people who are immigrating to its shores on a permanent residency status. According to government estimates, it has been observed that close to 200,000 people settle in Canada each year. There are several reasons that can be attributed to its success as a thriving and well functioning democracy. Canada is one of the richest countries with a per capita income of US 35,500 and also happens to be one of the most environment friendly nations. With vast open spaces of greenery, Canada enjoys a population density of just 3.5 people per sq. km. Quality of life here has often been termed first rate with plenty of access to educational and work opportunities. Safety and security are also given paramount importance here with the Economist naming it the 8 peaceful country in the world during the year 2007.

Immigration to Canada

As per Canada’s immigration laws, it is mandatory for individuals who are intending to stay in Canada on a permanent basis, to acquire the status of ‘Permanent Residents’. Permanent residency status is awarded to people  who reside in Canada but are not yet a citizen of the country. By qualifying for permanent residency, these residents acquire certain rights and privileges in Canada even as they continue to remain citizens of their home country. Applicants would have to apply for Canada PR status upon their immigration to Canada.

What does permanent residency offer?
Individuals who have acquired this status have earned the right to live, study, earn and work in Canada for as long as their permanent residency stays valid. They are also eligible to receive most of the social benefits that are offered to Canadian citizens, which is inclusive of health care insurance. The law under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects them and they have to be respectful of all laws both at the federal and state level. Permanent residents are required to pay their taxes just like any other Canadian citizen and can apply for citizenship, once the minimum requirements under the countries Citizenship Act has been met.

What you cannot do as a permanent resident of Canada?
Permanent residents and their family members do not have the right to vote or run for any political office in the country. They cannot also take up jobs that involve or require high-level security clearance from the government. Permanent residents cannot also remain in Canada if they have been convicted of a major criminal offense and have been asked to leave the country.

Ways in which to apply for Canada immigration as Permanent Residents?
As per Canada immigration laws, candidates for permanent resident states can forward their applications in the following ways.

1) Business Class
2) Skilled Worker
3) Family Class

Some of the grounds under which immigration to Canada can be considered inadmissible under Sections 34 to 43 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Protection Regulations: –

Financial issues
Criminal offenses
Health reasons
Not complying with required acts or regulations
Human rights violations
Security grounds

Getting a Permanent Resident Card (PR card) in Canada The PR card acts as an official proof to legitimize your identity as a permanent  resident of Canada. The permanent residence card has to be produced  for documentation every time you enter or return to Canada from another  country. The plastic wallet sized card is usually valid for a period of 5 years. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will mail the PR card directly  to people who have immigrated to Canada as a permanent resident otherwise Canada visa rejection is another problem..