Open Door Policy For Immigration To Canada

To meet the Canadian government’s humanitarian, economic and family reunification yearly goals, immigration targets are set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Like every year, there will be an increase in visa issuance from overseas, as total documents are projected to rise to 255,000 this year up from last year’s 217,000.

In the coming year, nearly all categories will be an increase in the number of visas issued and granting of Canada PR. There will be dramatic increase in some of the categories. More than 11,000 parents and grandparents were granted visa last year. This year, the authority has set the target to grant 36,000 of these.

Provincial / Quebec Nominees and Federal Skilled Workers will also see significant increase in the number of visa granted. Overall, there will be an increase of nearly 16% in the number of visa granted as compared to last year. There is good news for people already living in Canada as illegal immigrants. More than 26,000 visas will be granted to provide Canada PR.

Apart from the national goals, each geographic region will have specific visa processing and issuance centers to meet out their respective targets. A greater number of immigration documents are expected to be issued by these centers. In the Middle East and Africa region, significant increases are chalked out for the Federal Skilled Worker program.

There will be significant increase in the number of visas issued by the Damascus office for parents and grandparents. In the Asia – Pacific region around twice the number of Canada PR will be issued as compared to last year. Similar changes have been planned out for Europe and America. Considerable large increases are planned out for Mexico and Havana.

All this has come as good news for anyone who is looking forward to relocate and settle in Canada. Canada visa refusal has haunted many people in the past. The dread of Canada visa rejection is such that it prevents many people from applying for the visa at the first place. With new plans coming into place and the Canadian authorities welcoming foreigners with open arms. Many dreams are all set to come true.

Immigration to Canada is a big dream for people living in India. Many people bet on their life and earning sources for it. Canada immigration refusal comes as a drastic blow to their dreams. This open door policy from Canadian authorities will enable many loved ones to see each other after a long time. The hospitality of Canada has been highly appreciated across the globe. This new measure only aim to enhance this image.

Many people will get Canada PR this year and finally they will be able to provide better living conditions to their loved ones. Time is not far away when they will be able to earn the way they have always dreamed of. Recently Vancouver is being reported to have more immigrants than the localities. These immigrants have provided their bit in the development of the country.


Canada Immigration – Things Were Great But Not Any More

The lure of earning in dollars has forced many people to leave their home country, family and friends. Many have made fortunes and have been highly successful. But overseas water has not been favorable to everyone. When Frank Dias migrated to Canada in 1991 from his home town Dubai, he was without job for first couple of months. Eventually, he found work at one of the top five banks. After that, the life of this Mississauga resident has been as smooth as it can be. He is living with his family and his wife works as a NGO.

He gladly says getting a Canada PR is the best thing that happened to him. He recently came up with a new novel which was published by a small publishing house. His son is doing genetic engineering from the University of Toronto. His daughter is a jazz singer and learning French language.

Over the past two decades many people who got immigration to Canada had a harmonious experience. But as the number of Canada immigration is growing everyday many people are devoid of such wonderful experience. High education does not guarantee that you will get a white collar job here. Many have to work in low level jobs with low pay, which only adds to their frustration.

The situation of bulging undocumented class is more pathetic. These people are forced to make their hands dirty in precarious jobs as they don’t have legal status. Everything may seem calm and smooth on the-surface. Fortunately, there have been no noticeable race riots as has happened in France, no anti- immigration parties has been formed as in Netherlands and Britain.

But some experts express their concern as increasing underclass immigration to Canada may ultimately lead to trouble. For decades this country is known for its hospitality and smooth acceptance of multi-cultural people from around the world. Fearing the worst, the authorities may resort to Canada visa refusal to prevent things getting out of hands.

A recent move by Royal bank of Canada to replace local workers with foreign workers was met with forceful backlash. A townhouse development in Brampton ended up in a battle over cultural lines with shady Indian politics accused for eruption. Moreover, the Conservative party’s recent crack down on program for temporary foreign workers did not please the critics.

Contract, temporary or on-call jobs are mostly occupied by racialized immigrants who face two to three times more unemployment than any other section. The irony is that this class is highly educated with the majority having post-secondary education, but it is this class has two to four time higher probabilities to remain underemployed.

Expert’s advice, putting a halt on immigration to Canada can bring the situation under control. Granting Canada PR should be dealt with much harsh rules than the ones currently in motion. Experts reason the profile for which immigration is granted is vacated after some time as the immigrant find better jobs. It may lead to Canada visa rejection.

Thinking About Immigration to Canada..??

Professionals around the world have a burning desire in them to be part of a society where their hard work and professional outlook gets appreciated and they get rewarded monetarily and in other ways in ample measure. Canada is the answer and the hope for all such wonderful men. Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world but it still has a wide scope for more development. It needs enterprising men and women from around the world to bolster its ranks.

Canadian government has meticulously planned and researched on this issue and has encouraged immigration. Huge land mass of Canada and its relatively less population is also a reason for promoting this. Canadian government through its network of administrators, advisers, educationists, planners and others have worked closely in cooperation to let in such people in to this great country. The people who can immigrate to Canada have to follow such norms and accept willingly the official policy. The people who can immigrate can be broadly divided into categories like students, businessmen, technologists and others.

Before initiating the process for applying for a Canadian Visa, one need to consult experts, law and immigration firms and others so that one gets benefited by their advice. Immigration to Canada is subjected to scrutiny and checks at various points as to ensure the candidate is proceeding legally and is fairly assessed. Only genuine people make it and fraudsters and tricksters fail in the process.

The sessions you have to be part of in a Canadian Embassy can be grilling and objective, but one need not be unduly concerned at this. This is quite natural of the people at the helm of affairs to be intrusive and objective in their assessment and you can be put across some uncomfortable questions. This is not to intimidate or discourage you, but they have a task at hand and they have to perform their duty. There are some reputed law firms who are there to guide you in fulfillment of your dream.

Canada PR is granted to individuals subject to some conditions like number of years of stay, familiarity with Canadian languages; English and French, their integration into Canadian society and their conduct. Canada Immigration is made popular by the visits of Canadian leaders to various countries in the world where they emphasize on the issue of immigration. They visit places, organize functions, hold symposiums, press conferences so as to fuel public interest on immigration.

Lot of people who want to visit and stay in Canada tend to get unsettled by knowing the high rate of Canada Visa Rejection. No need to worry. You need to know the causes which led to visa rejection. The experts can give you the fair idea and this will help you to move ahead purposefully and methodically. There have been some categories where people have been blacklisted and Canada Visa Refusal has been invoked on them. Many people who have an unlawful past are likely to face this scenario. The screening mechanism put in place by authorities is rigorous and it is nearly foolproof.

Immigration To Canada Has Always Been Encouraged With A Motive

Canada is a vast country with immense scope for development.  In order to pursue its development, it needs highly skilled and technically sound people for its development.  This is a two way process helping both Canada  and people who want to emigrate to Canada. Canada has demarcated various streams where people with  different expertise can immigrate.
To become a lawful citizen of Canada, a methodological and protocol-based approach has to be adopted which involves active participation of people who want to immigrate.  They have to present their cases to the Canadian High Commission or Canadian Embassy in their respective countries where their advocacy for immigration is properly scrutinized and guided in principle.  People with various academic degrees fit into various categories which are awarded points as per the stream for which they are qualified.  This makes them eligible for getting awarded for a Canada PR as their case is put up through various official channels.  For qualification and awarding of Canadian Visa, one has to fulfill various obligations and supply proper documentation.
Canada immigration involves active participation of Government and its associated offices so as to ascertain that only the quality people from around the world are able to make it through. It directly mean that nobody can Immigrate to Canada and can not get Canada PR who proved useless or want to go Canada without any motive.
To avoid Canada visa rejection which maybe have taken place to a variety of reasons can be negated only if there is awareness and knowledge about how the proper legal procedure for immigration is followed.  In various Canadian embassies and high commission, well-qualified personnel are employed which on being asked are able to satisfy the clients wishful of immigration through their knowledge base and focused approach.  This should remain main point of focus and for applying for visa to this county, one should always feel free to ask these experts whenever one faces doubt over an issue.
Immigration to Canada has always been encouraged with a motive that the people who become eligible to become Canadian citizen in the future have the right attitude, approach, skills and fortitude so that they prove to be an asset right away and lead to development of Canada which is a prime concern for its government and people alike.   For immigration, some general categories to which people are entitled for a stay in this country are Students, Tourists, Business people, highly technical expert people who are greeted with open arms in this wonderful country.

Information on USA immigration

United States of America is a country which is having multi culture and also people from the various parts of the world. Information on USA immigration can be found on internet from the various sources and websites. But the major point is common in all these websites is they do not provide complete information. These web-pages provide information but they are not updating the information on daily basis.

USA immigration is one of the largest searchable keyword over the internet. People love to go there and settle over there due to the environmental factors and other factors such as lot of opportunities and the amenities of the life to live a wonderful and joyful life. People especially from India like to go there on permanent basis so that they can set up a wonderful life for themselves and for their upcoming generations.

People look for Immigration to USA as the immigration process is only the process which enables the people to go there on permanent basis. Immigration process is a long process but it enables a person to get Permanent residency for the United States of America. Permanent Residency offers by United States are very much good and full of facilities such as medical facilities, insurance and so on.

Earlier this month, the Federal Court heard arguments in a number of joined cases against the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in relation to the government’s plan to terminate almost 98,000 Skilled Worker permanent resident applications. Including dependents, some 280,000 people will be affected by the court’s decision. The lawyers who appeared before Justice Rennie on behalf of the applicants were my co-counsel Mario Bellissimo as well as Lorne Waldman, Rocco Galati, Matthew Jeffery and Lawrence Wong. I commend all of them for their demeanor and persuasive presentations. Each lawyer of Canada Immigration attacked the government’s position on separate grounds but with the common goal of striking down the legislation that permits the Immigration Minister to toss out the applications before assessing them. Bear in mind that some applicants have been waiting in line for more than seven years.

It is submitted that the manner in which Citizenship and Immigration to Canada (CIC) processes applications for permanent residence leads to discrimination on the basis of an applicant’s national origin, an enumerated ground under subsection 15 (I) of the Charter. This is so because applicants may only submit their application to specified visa offices for processing, depending upon either their country of legal residence or their country of citizenship. Processing times at different visa offices vary greatly and as a result an individual’s national origin will determine the rate at which his or her application is processed. CIC prioritizes certain visa offices – and thus certain nationalities – over others and therefore termination of applications at this stage will disproportionately affect those applicants who submitted to visa offices not prioritized by CIC. Consequently, it is argued that subsection 87.4 (I) is contrary to the Charter and should be struck down as having no force or effect.