Canada Immigration – Things Were Great But Not Any More

The lure of earning in dollars has forced many people to leave their home country, family and friends. Many have made fortunes and have been highly successful. But overseas water has not been favorable to everyone. When Frank Dias migrated to Canada in 1991 from his home town Dubai, he was without job for first couple of months. Eventually, he found work at one of the top five banks. After that, the life of this Mississauga resident has been as smooth as it can be. He is living with his family and his wife works as a NGO.

He gladly says getting a Canada PR is the best thing that happened to him. He recently came up with a new novel which was published by a small publishing house. His son is doing genetic engineering from the University of Toronto. His daughter is a jazz singer and learning French language.

Over the past two decades many people who got immigration to Canada had a harmonious experience. But as the number of Canada immigration is growing everyday many people are devoid of such wonderful experience. High education does not guarantee that you will get a white collar job here. Many have to work in low level jobs with low pay, which only adds to their frustration.

The situation of bulging undocumented class is more pathetic. These people are forced to make their hands dirty in precarious jobs as they don’t have legal status. Everything may seem calm and smooth on the-surface. Fortunately, there have been no noticeable race riots as has happened in France, no anti- immigration parties has been formed as in Netherlands and Britain.

But some experts express their concern as increasing underclass immigration to Canada may ultimately lead to trouble. For decades this country is known for its hospitality and smooth acceptance of multi-cultural people from around the world. Fearing the worst, the authorities may resort to Canada visa refusal to prevent things getting out of hands.

A recent move by Royal bank of Canada to replace local workers with foreign workers was met with forceful backlash. A townhouse development in Brampton ended up in a battle over cultural lines with shady Indian politics accused for eruption. Moreover, the Conservative party’s recent crack down on program for temporary foreign workers did not please the critics.

Contract, temporary or on-call jobs are mostly occupied by racialized immigrants who face two to three times more unemployment than any other section. The irony is that this class is highly educated with the majority having post-secondary education, but it is this class has two to four time higher probabilities to remain underemployed.

Expert’s advice, putting a halt on immigration to Canada can bring the situation under control. Granting Canada PR should be dealt with much harsh rules than the ones currently in motion. Experts reason the profile for which immigration is granted is vacated after some time as the immigrant find better jobs. It may lead to Canada visa rejection.


An Overview On Canada Immigration And Canada Visa Rejection

Canada is the second largest country in the world. But as compared to its land mass, its population is around 35 million. This means the population density of Canada is quite less. As a result it needs more people from other countries in the world to develop itself and needs skilled and enterprising people for the same. This policy is deliberately and fruitfully implemented for the betterment of Canada as a county as well as for the immigrants as well as natives of Canada.


Canadian government has made some polices which form the basis for encouraging Immigration to Canada. Those people who can immigrate are divided into various categories in terms of their nature of skills and dealt accordingly. For applying for immigration, you have to visit an immigration agent who can give you a fair idea how to proceed in this matter. In all the matters related to your immigration, you have to visit the Canadian Embassy or Canadian High Commission for a detailed inquiry about your eligibility and processing your application. If you are on a work-related visa, you have to give clear details about which company in Canada is facilitating your stay there. Embassy interviews can be quite lengthy and grilling ones as the authorities here have the responsibility of letting in only the genuine people with ease as well as screening people who are trying to enter Canada fraudulently. Immigration to Canada is managed by forming special ministry which acts under the order of Canadian administrators and government. You have to first check for the lists of such people and whether you are eligible in a particular category.

For qualifying for permanent residency or Canada PR is determined by a number of factors like the number of years you have spent there working or studying, fluent knowledge of French and English two mainstream languages of Canada and some other related factors are also taken into consideration. Your conduct and behavior is also evaluated. Canada Immigration is a favorite for people who want to emigrate from their respective countries.

There have been a number of experts, consultants, lawyers, firms who are there to advise on this matter. There have been cases where some immigration firms have duped innocent people of their hard money through unfair means. One has to be cautious against such malpractices and such conman.


Canada Visa Rejection is done as in some cases people have indulged in hiding details of their identity, have tampered in their address proofs, shown wrong employment just to immigrate at all costs. There can be other reasons like wrongly submitting the papers or some other technical reasons. The person applying for the first time need to get counseling through lawyers or experts who have knowledge and expertise in this regard. Canada Visa Refusal is done as per the discretion of officials who act as per policies if they deem of an individual a threat to society or a cause of unrest if he immigrates. A person with an extremist political leaning, religious intolerance, history of deceit, terrorist streak, fraudsters and people entangled in litigation are rejected as the Canadian government wants only people with high character to immigrate and thus contribute to a stable, peaceful and progressive society.

Thinking About Immigration to Canada..??

Professionals around the world have a burning desire in them to be part of a society where their hard work and professional outlook gets appreciated and they get rewarded monetarily and in other ways in ample measure. Canada is the answer and the hope for all such wonderful men. Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world but it still has a wide scope for more development. It needs enterprising men and women from around the world to bolster its ranks.

Canadian government has meticulously planned and researched on this issue and has encouraged immigration. Huge land mass of Canada and its relatively less population is also a reason for promoting this. Canadian government through its network of administrators, advisers, educationists, planners and others have worked closely in cooperation to let in such people in to this great country. The people who can immigrate to Canada have to follow such norms and accept willingly the official policy. The people who can immigrate can be broadly divided into categories like students, businessmen, technologists and others.

Before initiating the process for applying for a Canadian Visa, one need to consult experts, law and immigration firms and others so that one gets benefited by their advice. Immigration to Canada is subjected to scrutiny and checks at various points as to ensure the candidate is proceeding legally and is fairly assessed. Only genuine people make it and fraudsters and tricksters fail in the process.

The sessions you have to be part of in a Canadian Embassy can be grilling and objective, but one need not be unduly concerned at this. This is quite natural of the people at the helm of affairs to be intrusive and objective in their assessment and you can be put across some uncomfortable questions. This is not to intimidate or discourage you, but they have a task at hand and they have to perform their duty. There are some reputed law firms who are there to guide you in fulfillment of your dream.

Canada PR is granted to individuals subject to some conditions like number of years of stay, familiarity with Canadian languages; English and French, their integration into Canadian society and their conduct. Canada Immigration is made popular by the visits of Canadian leaders to various countries in the world where they emphasize on the issue of immigration. They visit places, organize functions, hold symposiums, press conferences so as to fuel public interest on immigration.

Lot of people who want to visit and stay in Canada tend to get unsettled by knowing the high rate of Canada Visa Rejection. No need to worry. You need to know the causes which led to visa rejection. The experts can give you the fair idea and this will help you to move ahead purposefully and methodically. There have been some categories where people have been blacklisted and Canada Visa Refusal has been invoked on them. Many people who have an unlawful past are likely to face this scenario. The screening mechanism put in place by authorities is rigorous and it is nearly foolproof.